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FNA depends on support from people like you to complete the printed version and provide access to it through this website. We are close to finishing the four remaining volumes! If you value this resource, please consider donating today.


Flora of North America (FNA) presents for the first time, in one published reference source, information on the names, taxonomic relationships, continent-wide distributions, and morphological characteristics of all plants native and naturalized found in North America north of Mexico. The Flora will appear in 30 volumes and will be available in print and on the Web. This is the Beta version of the FNA Semantic MediaWiki.

The content of Volume 10, Magnoliophyta: Proteaceae to Elaeagnaceae, is now available here. The hard copy volume can be purchased from Oxford University Press. Full list here. Volume 11: Fabaceae, was just published, and Volume 14: Apocynaceae, Gentianaceae, Convolvulaceae, Solanaceae, and related families is in press.

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