Provisional Publications

Notice About Provisional Publication

Preparation of each volume of the Flora of North America is a multi-year process involving dozens of authors and editors. To facilitate access to taxonomic treatments that meet specific editorial criteria but that otherwise might not appear in printed volumes for months or possibly years, the Flora of North America Association (FNAA) electronically publishes treatments. These “Provisional Publications” have been peer-reviewed and are treatments that minimally meet the following editorial standards:

Any 03 level manuscript that has been

1) accepted and approved by the taxon editor as an official FNA submission

2) initially tech-edited (i.e., has been formatted and edited by the volume technical editor)

3) through regional review, with regional review comments and any additional tech-editing comments addressed by the author and corrections made to the manuscript

4) reviewed once by the bibliographic editor

5) approved by the author(s) and taxon editor for posting as a Provisional Publication

Major corrections, additions, and other modifications are allowed to 03 version manuscripts, and significant changes are published as new versions become available. Provisional Publications at the 04 level (second bibliographic pass completed, reviews by nomenclature and reviewing editors completed, genus description checked for parallelism against other genera in the family) and 05 level (all major checks completed, treatment ready for indexing and application of styles) are closer to publication form.

Readers are encouraged to submit comments and corrections for Provisional Publications to the author(s) and taxon editor, especially comments concerning the geographic distributions of taxa. Contact information can be found on the Volumes under Production page under the appropriate volume. The header portion of each Provisional Publication contains the taxon name and manuscript version, book volume number, taxon editor surname, manuscript page number, and date when then the posted version was published provisionally.

All provisional publications are copyrighted by the Flora North America Association and are to be cited as follows:

Author, Date, Title (e.g. Genus name, Flora of North America, Provisional Publication), Publishing institution, Date of publication, URL, Date actually viewed.

Example: Crow, G. E. 2024. Lentibulariaceae. Flora of North America, Provisional Publication. Flora of North America Association. January 25, 2024. Accessed [date actually viewed].

Questions about FNA Provisional Publications may be directed to

Flora of North America, Provisional Publications

Volume 18: FNA Title: Lentibulariaceae Taxon Editor: Geoffrey Levin Author: Garrett E. Crow Date: 25 January 2024 Version: 4 Download: PDF]