Art Sponsorship

Help us finish the last volumes of Flora of North America By Sponsoring Botanical Illustrations!

The Flora of North America Association (FNAA) coordinates the work of 900+ botanists to synthesize knowledge of the patterns of biodiversity of plants in North America north of Mexico, useful for effective conservation, resource management, and scientific research.

Twenty two volumes out of 30 are published with two or more volumes scheduled to be published a year. Gracing each volume are exquisite and accurate botanical illustrations drawn by professional artists. Every genus and about 1 in 6 species are illustrated. These lovely drawings enhance the technical descriptions and give readers a better idea of the characteristics of each species.

To help support the cost of the illustrations and final editing, FNAA is inviting individuals and organizations to sponsor one or more drawing.

Acknowledgment is given to sponsors in a special section of the relevant Volume, along with a high quality reproduction suitable for framing and permission to reuse the image.

FNAA hopes that individuals who love plants, native plant societies, specialty plant societies, garden clubs, and botanical gardens will consider sponsoring one or more illustrations, or that horticultural or other businesses will take advantage of this opportunity to promote their interest in our plants.

Sponsorship for a basic drawing (whole plant and 1—2 details) is $200.

Currently, we are focusing sponsorship for Volume 11 Fabaceae (published!), Volume 13 (Apiaceae and related families), Volume 14 Apocynaceae, Gentianaceae, Convolvulaceae, Solanaceae, and related families (In press!), Volume 15 (Boraginaceae, Hydrophyllaceae, Polemoniaceae, Namaceae, and related families), Volume 16 (Oleaceae, Lamiaceae, and Verbenaceae), Volume 18 (Acanthaceae, Rubiaceae, Campanulaceae, Viburnaceae, and related families), and Volume 29 (hornworts and liverworts).

Follow this link for the general Sponsorship Form

To sponsor an illustration please contact:

Dr. Nancy R. Morin
Vice President for Business and Development
(707) 684-0277 or nancy.morin (at)