Pottiaceae subfam. Barbuloideae

(Herzog) Hilpert

Beih. Bot. Centralbl. 20(2): 612. 1933,.

Basionym: Pottiaceae tribe Barbuleae Herzog Geogr. Moose, 98. 1926
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 27. Treatment on page 519. Mentioned on page 477, 478, 527.
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Plants green to tan. Stem central strand and sclerodermis usually present, hyalodermis rare. Leaves usually broadly lanceolate to narrowly elliptical, apex blunt to acute, margins recurved basally; distal laminal cells if 2-stratose stacked directly over one another, walls smooth or papillose, KOH yellow or red; costa with or without a differentiated abaxial epidermis; gemmae occasionally present, usually clavate. Peristome usually present.


Nearly worldwide.


Genera 33 (16 in the flora).