Pottiaceae subfam. Barbuloideae

(Herzog) Hilpert

Beih. Bot. Centralbl. 20(2): 612. 1933,.

Basionym: Pottiaceae tribe Barbuleae Herzog Geogr. Moose, 98. 1926
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 27. Treatment on page 519. Mentioned on page 477, 478, 527.

Plants green to tan. Stem central strand and sclerodermis usually present, hyalodermis rare. Leaves usually broadly lanceolate to narrowly elliptical, apex blunt to acute, margins recurved basally; distal laminal cells if 2-stratose stacked directly over one another, walls smooth or papillose, KOH yellow or red; costa with or without a differentiated abaxial epidermis; gemmae occasionally present, usually clavate. Peristome usually present.


Nearly worldwide.


Genera 33 (16 in the flora).