Yucca treculeana


Rev. Hort., 580. 1858.

Common names: Spanish dagger palma pita
Basionym: Yucca longifolia K. Koch 1863
Synonyms: Yucca argospatha Verlot Yucca aspera Engelmann Yucca baccata var. australis Engelmann Yucca baccata var. macrocarpa Torrey Yucca canaliculata Engelmann Yucca canaliculata var. pendula K. Koch Yucca crassifila Shafer Yucca torreyi Yucca treculeana var. succulenta McKelvey Yucca undulata
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Treatment on page 428. Mentioned on page 425.

Plants often forming colonies of rosettes, arborescent, to 7 m; rosettes with leaves hanging at various angles, giving an overall ragged appearance. Stems 1–8, occasionally 2–5-branched, 14–15 cm diam. Leaf blade erect, yellowish to bluish green, usually U- or V-shaped in cross section, thick, 36–128 × 1.6–7 cm, rigid, scabrous, margins entire, filiferous with straight, coarse fibers, light brown. Inflorescences erect, paniculate, arising mostly within rosettes, variable in shape, usually ovoid, 18 dm, glabrous, rarely slightly pubescent; peduncle scapelike, 0.3 m or longer. Flowers pendent; perianth globose; tepals distinct, cream-colored, occasionally tinged with purple, ovate, 2.7–8.1 × 1–3.4 cm, apex rounded or acute; filaments 1–2.7 cm, short-pubescent proximally; anthers 1–6 mm; pistil 1.5–3.5 × 0.5–1 cm; ovary 1.3–3.3 cm; style 2–8 mm; stigmas distinct. Fruits pendent, baccate, indehiscent, 4.4–18.7 × 1.8–4.6 cm, fleshy, succulent. Seeds black, 5–14 mm diam., 1–5 mm thick.

Phenology: Flowering mid winter–spring.
Habitat: Grassy or rocky slopes or mesas, brushland, chaparral
Elevation: 0–1600 m


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N.Mex., Tex., n Mexico (Chihuahua, Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Zacatecas).


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William J. Hess +  and R. Laurie Robbins +
Carrière +
Yucca longifolia +
Spanish dagger +  and palma pita +
N.Mex. +, Tex. +, n Mexico (Chihuahua +, Coahuila +, Tamaulipas +  and Zacatecas). +
0–1600 m +
Grassy or rocky slopes or mesas, brushland, chaparral +
Flowering mid winter–spring. +
Rev. Hort., +
Yucca argospatha +, Yucca aspera +, Yucca baccata var. australis +, Yucca baccata var. macrocarpa +, Yucca canaliculata +, Yucca canaliculata var. pendula +, Yucca crassifila +, Yucca torreyi +, Yucca treculeana var. succulenta +  and Yucca undulata +
Yucca treculeana +
species +