Veronica grandiflora


Novi Comment. Acad. Sci. Imp. Petrop. 14(1): 531, plate 18, fig. 1. 1770.

Common names: Large-flowered speedwell
Synonyms: Veronica aphylla var. grandiflora (Gaertner) Vahl V. grandiflora var. minor Hultén
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 17. Treatment on page 311. Mentioned on page 306.

Perennials. Stems prostrate to erect, unbranched, (3–)5–15(–20) cm, viscid-hairy. Leaves: blade elliptic-ovate, 20–45 × 15–30 mm, 1–3 times as long as wide, base cuneate, margins ± crenate-serrate, apex acute to rounded, abaxial surface with articulate hairs or glabrous, adaxial hirsute, or surfaces sparsely ciliate only. Racemes 1–4, axillary, 50–150 mm, 3–8-flowered, axis viscid-hairy; bracts oblong, 3–5 mm. Pedicels suberect, 8–10 mm, longer than subtending bract, viscid-hairy. Flowers: calyx lobes 4 mm, apex obtuse, hairy; corolla bright blue to violet-blue, 8–9 mm diam.; stamens 7 mm; style 7–9 mm. Capsules compressed in cross section, obovoid, 9–11 × 7–8 mm, apex emarginate, sparsely hairy. Seeds unknown. 2n = ca. 48–50 (Russia).

Phenology: Flowering Jul–Aug.
Habitat: Meadows, between stones, slopes, alpine slopes.
Elevation: 0–600 m.


Alaska, Asia (Japan, Russia).


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Dirk C. Albach +
Gaertner +
Large-flowered speedwell +
Alaska +, Asia (Japan +  and Russia). +
0–600 m. +
Meadows, between stones, slopes, alpine slopes. +
Flowering Jul–Aug. +
Novi Comment. Acad. Sci. Imp. Petrop. +
Veronica aphylla var. grandiflora +  and V. grandiflora var. minor +
Veronica grandiflora +
Veronica +
species +