Triteleia ixioides subsp. anilina

(Greene) L. W. Lenz

Aliso 8: 233. 1975.

Common names: Pretty face Sierra-brodiaea
Basionym: Calliprora scabra var. anilina Greene Erythea 3: 126. 1895
Synonyms: Brodiaea lutea var. anilina (Greene) Munz Brodiaea scabra var. anilina (Greene) Baker Calliprora anilina (Greene) A. Heller Triteleia anilina (Greene) Hoover Triteleia ixioides var. anilina (Greene) Hoover
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Mentioned on page 343.

Leaves 1–2, 10–25 cm. Scape shorter than 30 cm, smooth or scabrous. Flowers: perianth yellow, tube 4–7 mm, much shorter than lobes, lobes widely spreading, 7–12 mm; short filaments 1–2 mm or nearly absent, long filaments 3–3.5 mm, apical appendages straight, spreading, or incurved, short; anthers usually blue, sometimes cream; pedicel 1–7 cm. 2n = 10, 14, 40, 42, 50.

Phenology: Flowering spring (May–Jul).
Habitat: Coniferous forest edges, often in moist gravel or sand
Elevation: 600–3000 m


Subspecies anilina might be considered a reduced, “high-altitude” form of subsp. scabra, but although it reaches an elevation of 3000 meters, it is sometimes found in the chaparral belt as low as 600 meters, while subsp. scabra extends as high as 2200 meters.

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J. Chris Pires +
(Greene) L. W. Lenz +
Calliprora scabra var. anilina +
Pretty face +  and Sierra-brodiaea +
Calif. +  and Oreg. +
600–3000 m +
Coniferous forest edges, often in moist gravel or sand +
Flowering spring (May–Jul). +
Brodiaea lutea var. anilina +, Brodiaea scabra var. anilina +, Calliprora anilina +, Triteleia anilina +  and Triteleia ixioides var. anilina +
Triteleia ixioides subsp. anilina +
Triteleia ixioides +
subspecies +