Tonestus eximius

(H. M. Hall) A. Nelson & J. F. Macbride

Bot. Gaz. 65: 70. 1918.

Common names: Lake Tahoe serpentweed
Basionym: Haplopappus eximius H. M. Hall Univ. Calif. Publ. Bot. 6: 170, fig. 2, plate 20. 1915
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 20. Treatment on page 183. Mentioned on page 173, 182, 184.

Perennials, cespitose, 5–13 cm; with branched caudices surmounting ± well-developed taproots, or short rhizomes. Stems (clothed with marcescent leaf bases) glabrous, densely stipitate-glandular. Leaves: basal blades broadly spatulate, 20–35 × 12–15 mm, margins coarsely, irregularly serrate to dentate; cauline blades oblong, 9–52 × 5–15 mm, ± reduced distally, margins coarsely, irregularly serrate or nearly entire; 1- or 3-nerved, margins stipitate-glandular, faces glabrous, stipitate-glandular. Heads usually borne singly, sometimes 2–4. Peduncles 2–15 mm. Involucres broadly campanulate, 9–16(–20) × 5–11(–15) mm. Phyllaries 16–32 in 3–4 series, 1- or weakly 3-nerved, ± equal, margins eciliate; outer and mid green, oblong, 6–10 × 2–5 mm, foliaceous, apices rounded or obtuse to acute; inner green or sometimes anthocyanic, linear, 7–9 × 0.5–2 mm, chartaceous proximally, margins scarious, fimbriate and/or stipitate-glandular distally, apices acute to acuminate, often reflexed, faces stipitate-glandular distally. Ray florets 10–13; laminae elliptic, 5–8 × 1–3 mm. Disc florets 41–49; corollas narrowly funnelform, 5.5–7.5(–8.2) mm, exceeding involucres, lobes erect, 0.7–1.7 mm, 1/10–1/5 corolla length; anthers 2.5–3.3 mm; style-branch appendages subulate, 0.9–1.3 mm, stigmatic lines 0.9–1.6 mm. Cypselae linear, 2.5–6 mm, 5–9-nerved, faces villous, often ± viscid; pappus bristles 19–43, brittle. 2n = 18.

Phenology: Flowering and fruiting early–late summer.
Habitat: Crevices of granitic outcrops, talus slopes, in alpine and coniferous subalpine communities
Elevation: 1800–3300 m


Tonestus eximius is known only from the upper elevations of the Sierra Nevada in the vicinity of Lake Tahoe in Alpine and El Dorado counties, California, and Washoe County, Nevada. It is similar to Lorandersonia peirsonii, although smaller in most respects.

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Caleb A. Morse +
(H. M. Hall) A. Nelson & J. F. Macbride +
Haplopappus eximius +
Lake Tahoe serpentweed +
Calif. +  and Nev. +
1800–3300 m +
Crevices of granitic outcrops, talus slopes, in alpine and coniferous subalpine communities +
Flowering and fruiting early–late summer. +
Haplopappus sect. Tonestus +
Tonestus eximius +
Tonestus +
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