Thelypteris patens

(Swartz) Small

Ferns S. E. States 243. 1938.

Common names: Grid-scale maiden fern
Basionym: Polypodium patens Swartz Prodr., 133. 1788
Synonyms: Christella patens (Swartz) Holttum Cyclosorus arcuatus (Poiret) Alston Dryopteris patens (Swartz) Kuntze
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2.


Fla., s Mexico, West Indies in the Antilles, Central America, South America to s Brazil and n Argentina.


Varieties 3 (1 in the flora).

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Alan R. Smith +
(Swartz) Small +
Polypodium patens +
Grid-scale maiden fern +
Fla. +, s Mexico +, West Indies in the Antilles +, Central America +  and South America to s Brazil and n Argentina. +
Ferns S. E. States +
Christella patens +, Cyclosorus arcuatus +  and Dryopteris patens +
Thelypteris patens +
Thelypteris subg. Cyclosorus +
species +