Stevia micrantha


Gen. Sp. Pl., 27. 1816.

Common names: Annual candyleaf
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 484. Mentioned on page 483.

Annuals, 10–35(–40) cm. Leaves mostly opposite (distal often alternate); petioles (0–)4–11 mm; blades ovate to ovate-deltate or trullate, 1–3.5(–5) cm, margins serrate. Heads in open, lax, subcorymbiform or paniculiform (sometimes nearly cylindric) arrays. Peduncles (1–)3–10 mm, stipitate-glandular. Involucres 6–8 mm. Phyllaries stipitate- and sessile-glandular, apices acute. Corollas white, lobes sparsely hirsute. Pappi surpassing corollas. 2n = 22.

Phenology: Flowering (Aug–)Sep–Oct.
Habitat: Grassy openings, damp and shady, oak, oak-walnut, oak-pine, and pinyon pine-ponderosa pine woodlands
Elevation: 1800–2700 m


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