Common names: Stemona Family
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Treatment on page 466. Mentioned on page 12.

Herbs [herbaceous vines, or low shrubs], caulescent [stemless], from rhizomes [tuberous roots]. Leaves simple, stipules absent. Basal leaves sheathing. Cauline leaves present [absent], alternate [whorled], petiolate, venation ± palmate [arcuate-pinnate with strongly developed midvein], transverse parallel veinlets connecting primary veins. Inflorescences axillary, cymose [racemose or unifloral]. Flowers bisexual, radially [bilaterally] symmetric; perianth hypogynous [to epigynous]; tepals 4[–5], distinct [connate]; stamens 4[–5], opposite tepals; ovary 1-locular; placentation apical [basal]; style 1 [absent]; stigmas [1]–3. Fruits capsular, 2[–3]-valved. Seeds globose [to ellipsoid].


North America, e and se Asia, n Australia.


Genera 4, species 30–35 (1 genus, 1 species in the flora).

Lower Taxa