Scopulophila rixfordii

(Brandegee) Munz & I. M. Johnston

Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 49: 351. 1923.

Common names: Rixford’s rockwort
Basionym: Achyronychia rixfordii Brandegee Zoë 1: 230. 1890
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 5. Treatment on page 48.

Stems 10–30 cm, glabrous except densely woolly at base. Leaves: stipules 0.8–3.5 mm; leaf pairs equal; blade 8–25 mm, fleshy. Inflorescences 2–4-flowered. Flowers: perianth 2.2–4.2 mm; hypanthium green, becoming brown and hard, terete to angular; sepals erect to spreading, central portion green, linear to oblong, concave, often unequal, fleshy, scarious portion becoming deciduous with age; staminodes slightly longer than sepals. Utricles ovoid. Seeds 0.9–1.1 mm.

Phenology: Flowering spring–early summer.
Habitat: Limestone and quartzite outcrops
Elevation: 1200-1600 m


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