E. Meyer
Common names: Lizard's-tail Family
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 3. Treatment on page 37.

Herbs, perennial, rhizomatous, aromatic, glabrous to pubescent, in wet places. Stems simple or branched; vascular strands in 1(-2) ring(s). Leaves basal and/or cauline, alternate, simple; stipules present, adnate to petioles; petioles usually present. Leaf blade: margins entire. Inflorescences terminal, compact, conic spikes or lax, spikelike racemes terminal and/or opposite leaves. Flowers bisexual; perianth absent, each flower subtended by nonpeltate bract; stamens (3-)6(-8), hypogynous or epigynous; anther 2-locular; pistil 1, 3-5(-7)-carpellate; ovary 1- or 3-5(-7)-locular; placentation parietal or marginal; ovules 2 or 18-40; styles and stigmas distinct. Fruits capsules or schizocarps. Seeds 1 or many (-40); endosperm scanty; perisperm abundant; embryo minute.


North America, Central America, Asia.


Genera 5, species 7 (2 genera, 2 species in the flora).

Lower Taxa


1 Inflorescences compact, conic, terminal spikes subtended by petaloid bracts; leaves mostly basal; fruits capsules, seeds 18–40. Anemopsis
1 Inflorescences lax, spikelike racemes, opposite leaves and/or terminal, not subtended by petaloid bracts; leaves cauline; fruits schizocarps, mericarps (3–)4–5(–7), seed 1 per pericarp. Saururus