Potentilla robbinsiana

(Lehmann) Oakes ex Rydberg

Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 23: 304. 1896.

Common names: White Mountains cinquefoil Robbins’s cinquefoil
Conservation concernEndemic
Basionym: Potentilla minima var. robbinsiana Lehmann Revis. Potentill., 159. 1856
Synonyms: P. hyparctica subsp. robbinsiana (Lehmann) Á. Löve & D. Löve
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 9. Treatment on page 194. Mentioned on page 187, 189.

Plants tufted to densely matted; caudex branches short, ± slender, often embedded in old leaf bases. Stems spreading to erect, 0.1–0.4 dm, lengths 1–2 times basal leaves. Basal leaves not in ranks, ternate, 1–2 cm; stipules: apex broadly acute; petiole 0.7–3 cm, long hairs sparse to abundant, spreading to subappresed, 0.2–2 mm, weak, glands sparse to common; leaflets 3, central obovate, 0.5–1.3 × 0.2–1 cm, petiolule 0–1 mm, margins flat to ± revolute, not lobed, distal ± 2/3 evenly incised ± 1/2 to midvein, teeth 2–4(–5) per side, surfaces similar, green, hairs ± abundant (or nearly absent adaxially), 0.5–1 mm, glands sparse to common. Inflorescences 1(–2)-flowered. Pedicels straight, 0.5–3 cm, not much longer in fruit than in flower. Flowers: epicalyx bractlets oblong to elliptic, (1.8–)2–2.5(–3) × 0.7–1.2(–1.4) mm, ± equal to sepals, margins flat to ± revolute; hypanthium (4–)5–7 mm diam.; sepals (1.8–)2–2.5(–3) mm, apex broadly acute; petals yellow, 2–3 × 2–3 mm; filaments 0.5–1 mm, anthers 0.4–0.6 mm; carpels 20–30, styles columnar-tapered, sometimes ± papillate-swollen in proximal 1/3–1/2, 0.8–1 mm. Achenes 1–1.3 mm. 2n = 49.

Phenology: Flowering summer.
Habitat: Moist rocky slopes and flats, in montane tundra
Elevation: 1400–1600 m


Of conservation concern.

Potentilla robbinsiana is known only from two sites in the White Mountains, Monroe County, New Hampshire, and is reported in Vermont. Additional populations have been established nearby as a result of transplant efforts. Listed in 1980 as a federally endangered species, an intense recovery program resulted in the species being delisted in 2002.

Some early specimens were distributed as Potentilla frigida Villars, a similar European species.

Lower Taxa

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Reidar Elven +, Barbara Ertter +, David F. Murray +  and James L. Reveal +
(Lehmann) Oakes ex Rydberg +
Potentilla minima var. robbinsiana +
White Mountains cinquefoil +  and Robbins’s cinquefoil +
N.H. +  and Vt. +
1400–1600 m +
Moist rocky slopes and flats, in montane tundra +
Flowering summer. +
Bull. Torrey Bot. Club +
cogbill1968a +, graber1980a +, graber1985a +  and steele1964a +
Conservation concern +  and Endemic +
P. hyparctica subsp. robbinsiana +
Potentilla robbinsiana +
Potentilla sect. Aureae +
species +