Pinus torreyana subsp. insularis

J. R. Haller

Syst. Bot. 11: 45. 1986.

Common names: Island Torrey pine
EndemicConservation concern
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2.

Trees 10(–15)m in native stands; mature crown of sheltered trees broader than tree height, compact in natural sites. Seed cones broader than long, mostly over 13.5cm; umbos mostly more than 6mm, whole umbo curved outward. Seeds to 14mm wide, averaging over 11mm, brown to dark brown with darker mottling.

Habitat: Dry fogbelt zone, ravines and low ridges
Elevation: 130–180m


Pinus torreyana subsp. insularis occurs naturally only on Santa Rosa Island, California.

Of conservation concern.

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