Penstemon elegantulus


Notul. Nat. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia 71: 14. 1941.

Common names: Rockvine beardtongue
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 17. Treatment on page 203. Mentioned on page 189.

Herbs. Stems erect, 10–31 cm, retrorsely hairy, not glaucous. Leaves basal and cauline, not leathery, glabrous or retrorsely hairy primarily along midvein and margins; basal and proximal cauline 14–75 × 4–16 mm, blade ovate to lanceolate or elliptic, base tapered, margins entire or ± serrate distally, apex obtuse to acute; cauline 3–5 pairs, sessile or proximals short-petiolate, 15–45 × 2–8 mm, blade oblanceolate to lanceolate, base tapered, margins entire or ± serrate or ± dentate, primarily distally, apex obtuse to acute. Thyrses interrupted, cylindric, 4–18 cm, axis retrorsely hairy proximally, sparsely glandular-pubescent distally, verticillasters 2–5, cymes 2–6-flowered, (1 or)2 per node; proximal bracts lanceolate, 9–38 × 2–12 mm, margins entire or ± serrate distally; peduncles and pedicels ascending, sparsely glandular-pubescent. Flowers: calyx lobes ovate, 3–4 × 1–2 mm, sparsely glandular-pubescent; corolla violet to blue or purple, with purple nectar guides, funnelform, 14–23 mm, glandular-pubescent externally, ± white-pubescent internally abaxially, tube 4–6 mm, throat gradually inflated, 5–6 mm diam., slightly 2-ridged abaxially; stamens included, pollen sacs opposite, navicular, 0.9–1.2 mm, dehiscing completely, connective splitting, sides glabrous, sutures smooth; staminode 9–12 mm, reaching orifice, 0.4–0.6 mm diam., tip straight, distal 0.5–2 mm pilose, hairs yellow or golden yellow, to 0.8 mm; style 9–13 mm. Capsules 5–8 × 3.5–5 mm, glabrous.

Phenology: Flowering May–Jun.
Habitat: Rocky, granitic meadows and hillsides.
Elevation: 900–1800 m.


Penstemon elegantulus occurs largely in the Hell’s Canyon region of the Snake River in Idaho and Nez Perce counties, Idaho, and Wallowa County, Oregon. A specimen from near Silver City in Owyhee County, Idaho (Hitchcock & Muhlick 22585, WTU), also appears to be this species. Penstemon elegantulus combines morphologic features of P. albertinus and P. humilis; it generally has obscurely serrate leaves as in the former, and retrorsely hairy leaves and stems as in the latter.

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