Paronychia erecta

(Chapman) Shinners

Sida 1: 102. 1962.

Common names: Squareflower
Basionym: Siphonychia erecta Chapman Fl. South. U.S., 47. 1860
Synonyms: Odontonychia corymbosa (Small) Small Odontonychia erecta (Chapman) Small Paronychia erecta var. corymbosa (Small) Chaudhri
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 5. Treatment on page 37. Mentioned on page 30, 31.

Plants perennial (occasionally biennial), often matted; taproot stout. Stems prostrate to ascending, branched especially distally, retrorsely to spreading-pubescent throughout (when pubescent); flowering stems 8–48 cm; sterile stems 2–10 cm. Leaves: stipules ovate-lanceolate, 2–12 mm, apex acuminate, entire; blade linear to spatulate-oblanceolate, 4–40 × 1–4 mm, leathery, apex obtuse to acute, moderately antrorsely pubescent. Cymes terminal, 15–200+-flowered, branched, densely to loosely grouped to form subcorymbose clusters 5–50 mm wide. Flowers 5-merous, narrowly ellipsoid, with slightly enlarged hypanthium and calyx tapering distally, 2.3–3.5 mm, glabrous to slightly puberulent proximally with straight to hooked hairs; sepals red-brown, white or whitish distally, veins absent, narrowly oblong to lanceolate-oblong, 1.4–2 mm, papery, margins white, ca. 0.1 mm wide, papery, apex rounded, hood formed from slight incurving, awn or mucro absent; staminodes narrowly oblong, 0.4 mm; style 1, cleft in distal 1/10, 1.3–1.7 mm. Utricles ovoid to ellipsoid, 1–1.2 mm, rugulose, glabrous.

Phenology: Flowering spring–fall.
Habitat: Coastal dunes, sandflats, pine/oak woodlands
Elevation: 0-100 m


Plants with pubescent stems, strigose leaves, and pubescent receptacles have been recognized as var. corymbosa.

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Ronald L. Hartman +, John W. Thieret +  and Richard K. Rabeler +
(Chapman) Shinners +
Siphonychia erecta +
Squareflower +
Ala. +, Fla. +, La. +  and Miss. +
0-100 m +
Coastal dunes, sandflats, pine/oak woodlands +
Flowering spring–fall. +
Illustrated +  and Endemic +
Odontonychia corymbosa +, Odontonychia erecta +  and Paronychia erecta var. corymbosa +
Paronychia erecta +
Paronychia +
species +