Panicum anceps

Common names: Beaked panicgrass
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 25. Treatment on page 478.

Plants perennial; conspicuously rhizomatous, rhizomes short or elongate, stout, scaly. Culms 30-130 cm, terete to slightly compressed. Sheaths laterally compressed, glabrous or sparsely to densely pilose or villous, especially at the summit; ligules less than 0.5 mm, membranous, erose, often brownish; blades 10-50 cm long, 4-12 mm wide, erect, adaxial surfaces pilose at least basally, glabrous or pilose abaxially. Panicles 10-40 cm, 1/4 - 2/3 as wide as long, well-exserted at anthesis; branches relatively few, stiffly spreading or ascending; ultimate branchlets 1-sided; pedicels 0.1-3 mm, scabridulous to scabrous, appressed. Spikelets 2.3-3.9 mm, narrowly ellipsoid to ovoid, usually subsessile, usually pale to yellowish-green, glabrous, often falcate and gaping at the apices, rarely lanceolate, densely crowded on short, appressed branchlets, set obliquely on short pedicels. Lower glumes A-A as long as the spikelets, 3-veined, keels scabrous, apices acute; upper glumes and lower lemmas subequal, keeled, beaked, usually gaping at the apices; lower florets sterile; lower paleas subequal to the lower lemmas; upper florets 1.5-2.2 mm long, about 1 mm wide, 2/5 – 3/4 as long as the spikelets, apices with a tuft of minute, thick hairs; upper lemmas thick, stiff, clasping the upper paleas throughout their length. 2n = 18, 36.


Del., D.C., W.Va., Fla., N.J., Tex., La., Tenn., N.C., S.C., Pa., N.Y., Va., Ala., Ark., Ill., Ga., Ind., Iowa, Md., Kans., Okla., Ohio, Mo., Miss., Ky.


Panicum anceps grows in low, moist, primarily sandy areas, pine savannahs, the borders of flood-plain swamps, mesic woodlands, roadsides, and upland pine-hardwood forests. It is restricted to the United States.

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1 Spikelets 2.7-3.9 mm long, often clearly falcate; rhizomes relatively short and stout Panicum anceps subsp. anceps
1 Spikelets 2.3-2.8 mm long, not clearly falcate; rhizomes relatively long and slender Panicum anceps subsp. rhizomatum
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Beaked panicgrass +
Del. +, D.C. +, W.Va. +, Fla. +, N.J. +, Tex. +, La. +, Tenn. +, N.C. +, S.C. +, Pa. +, N.Y. +, Va. +, Ala. +, Ark. +, Ill. +, Ga. +, Ind. +, Iowa +, Md. +, Kans. +, Okla. +, Ohio +, Mo. +, Miss. +  and Ky. +
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Panicum anceps +
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