Packera multilobata

(Torrey & A. Gray) W. A. Weber & Á. Löve

Phytologia 49: 47. 1981.

Common names: Lobeleaf Groundsel
Basionym: Senecio multilobatus Torrey & A. Gray Mem. Amer. Acad. Arts, n. s. 4: 109. 1849
Synonyms: Senecio leucoreus Greenman Senecio lynceus Greene Senecio nelsonii var. uintahensis A. Nelson Senecio prolixus Greenman Senecio stygius Greene Senecio thornberi Greenman Senecio uintahensis (A. Nelson) Greenman
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 20. Treatment on page 592. Mentioned on page 575, 598.

Biennials or perennials, 20–40+ cm; taprooted (caudices ascending to erect, weakly branched). Stems 1 or 2–5, loosely clustered, usually glabrous or glabrescent, sometimes sparsely tomentose throughout, axils (basal leaves) tomentose. Basal leaves (and proximal cauline) petiolate; blades obovate, oblanceolate, spatulate, or lyrate to sublyrate (± pinnately lobed, lateral lobes 3–6 pairs, smaller than terminal lobes), 40–80+ × 10–30+ mm, bases tapering, ultimate margins incised to dentate. Cauline leaves gradually reduced (sessile). Heads 10–30+ in open, corymbiform or subumbelliform arrays. Peduncles conspicuously bracteate, glabrous or tomentose. Calyculi conspicuous. Phyllaries 13–21, green (tips often yellow), 4–9+ mm, glabrous or sparsely tomentose (at least proximally). Ray florets 8–13; corolla laminae 7–10 mm. Disc florets 40–50+; corolla tubes 4–5 mm, limbs 3–4 mm. Cypselae 2–3 mm, glabrous or hirtellous on ribs; pappi 5–6 mm. 2n = 46, 92.

Phenology: Flowering early May–mid Jul.
Habitat: Dry rocky or sandy soils in sagebrush, woodlands, and subalpine areas
Elevation: 1200–2900 m



Ariz., Calif., Colo., Idaho, Nev., N.Mex., Utah, Wyo.


Packera multilobata is abundant and widespread west of the Continental Divide. Both morphology and habitat vary. In colder parts of its range, plants are shorter, caudices are better developed with clustered stems, and leaf lobes are larger. In desert-like habitats, basal leaves are narrower and more finely lobed, the tomentum is often persistent, and stems are usually single.

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Debra K. Trock +
(Torrey & A. Gray) W. A. Weber & Á. Löve +
Senecio multilobatus +
Lobeleaf Groundsel +
Ariz. +, Calif. +, Colo. +, Idaho +, Nev. +, N.Mex. +, Utah +  and Wyo. +
1200–2900 m +
Dry rocky or sandy soils in sagebrush, woodlands, and subalpine areas +
Flowering early May–mid Jul. +
Senecio leucoreus +, Senecio lynceus +, Senecio nelsonii var. uintahensis +, Senecio prolixus +, Senecio stygius +, Senecio thornberi +  and Senecio uintahensis +
Packera multilobata +
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