Lycurus phleoides

Common names: Common wolfstail
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 25. Treatment on page 203.

Culms 20-50 cm, erect to ascending, often geniculate. Ligules 1.5-3 mm, commonly acute to acuminate, with narrow trianfular lobes 1.5-3(4) mm long extending from the sides of the sheaths; blades 4-8 cm long, 1-1.5 mm wide, acute or mucronate, midribs sometimes extending up to 3 mm as a short bristle. Similar to Lycurus setosus in inflorescence and aspikelet characters, except the upper glumes occasionally with a second shorter, more delicate awn. 2n = 40, ca. 40.


Maine, Okla., N.Mex., Tex., Ariz., Colo.


Lycurus phleoides grows on rocky hills and open slopes, at elevations of 670-2600 m. It grows from the southwestern United States to southern Mexico, and in northern South America. It flowers from July-October.

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