Sketch Bot. S. Carolina 1: 47. 1816.

Common names: Red root
Etymology: Greek lachne, wool, and anthos, flower, in reference to pubescent flowers
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Treatment on page 48. Mentioned on page 47.

Rhizomes reddish, roots fibrous. Stems erect; sap red. Leaves mostly basal, some cauline, reduced; blade linear-ensiform. Inflorescences: bracts conspicuous, subtending each flower. Flowers: tepals glabrous adaxially; stamens 3, longer than tepals; ovary inferior, 3-locular; ovules ca. 6 per locule, arranged around margin of peltate, stipitate, axile placenta. Capsules 3-lobed. Seeds discoid, peltate, few per locule.


North America, West Indies.


Species 1.

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