Hypericum fasciculatum


in J. Lamarck et al., Encycl. 4: 160. 1797.

Common names: Sandweed
Synonyms: Hypericum fasciculatum var. aspalathoides Torrey & A. Gray H. fulgidum Lamarck H. galioides var. fasciculatum (Lamarck) Svenson
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 6. Treatment on page 81. Mentioned on page 76, 80.

Shrubs, erect, much-branched distally, bushy, not treelike, usually forming mounds, to 15(–30) dm, bark thick, smooth, thin-corky and spongy, exfoliating in thin, papery sheets or plates. Stems: internodes 6-lined at first, soon 2-winged, then terete, not glaucous. Leaf blades linear-subulate, 8–20 × 0.7–1 mm, not glaucous, base articulated, parallel, margins revolute, apex sometimes slightly broadened, midrib unbranched. Inflorescences rounded-pyramidal to corymbiform, sometimes intercalary as result of resumed vegetative growth, (3–)7–32-flowered, sometimes with single flowers or 3–5-flowered dichasia from to 3 proximal nodes. Flowers 13–16 mm diam.; sepals deciduous, not enclosing capsule, 5, linear-subulate, unequal, (3–)4.5–8(–10) × 0.5 mm, not glaucous; petals 5, bright yellow, obovate-spatulate, 6–9 mm; stamens deciduous, 70–100; ovary 3-merous; styles 2.5–4 mm. Capsules ± narrowly ovoid-conic to ovoid-ellipsoid, 5.5 × 2.5–3 mm. Seeds not carinate, 0.4 mm; testa finely foveolate-reticulate. 2n = 18.

Phenology: Flowering spring–fall (Apr–Nov).
Habitat: Ponds and lake margins, marshes, ditches, coastal plain
Elevation: 0–500 m


V6 128-distribution-map.jpg

Ala., Fla., Ga., La., Miss., N.C., S.C.


The thick, often spongy, bark, relatively long axillary leaf clusters, paired leaf grooves flanking the midrib abaxially, broader inflorescence, and broader capsules distinguish Hypericum fasciculatum (and H. chapmanii) from H. nitidum and its relatives.

Hypericum aspalathoides Willdenow is an illegitimate name for H. fasciculatum.

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Norman K. B. Robson +
Lamarck +
Undefined sect. Myriandra +
Sandweed +
Ala. +, Fla. +, Ga. +, La. +, Miss. +, N.C. +  and S.C. +
0–500 m +
Ponds and lake margins, marshes, ditches, coastal plain +
Flowering spring–fall (Apr–Nov). +
in J. Lamarck et al., Encycl. +
Endemic +  and Illustrated +
Hypericum fasciculatum var. aspalathoides +, H. fulgidum +  and H. galioides var. fasciculatum +
Hypericum fasciculatum +
Hypericum sect. Myriandra +
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