Huperzia haleakalae

(Brackenridge) Holub

Folia Geobot. Phytotax. 20: 73. 1985.

Common names: Alpine fir-moss
Basionym: Lycopodium haleakalae Brackenridge in Wilkes, U.S. Expl. Exped. 16: 321. 1854
Synonyms: Lycopodium selago var. haleakalae (Brackenridge) Warburg Urostachys haleakalae (Brackenridge) Herter ex Nessel
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2.

Shoots erect, indeterminate, 8–11 cm, short- to long-decumbent, 3–8 cm; leaves in mature portion smaller than in juvenile portion; annual constrictions absent; juvenile growth erect. Leaves spreading-ascending to appressed, yellow-green to yellow-brown, greener at stem tip (top 1 cm), lustrous (as if covered with clear yellow varnish); leaves in juvenile portion lanceolate, 4.5–6(–7) mm, apex acute; leaves in mature portion ovate, 3–4 mm, apex acute; margins entire, with scattered papillae; stomates present on both surfaces, numerous (38–84 per 1/2 leaf) on adaxial surface. Gemmiferous branchlets produced throughout mature portion of shoot; gemmae 3–4 × 3.5 mm, lateral leaves 1.5–2 mm wide, broadly acute to obtuse. Spores 31–41 µm.

Habitat: Terrestrial in exposed, moist meadows and mossy heaths in alpine and subalpine zones
Elevation: (160–)1300–1700(–3600) m


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Alta., B.C., Yukon, Alaska, Colo., Mont., Wash., Wyo., Asia in Siberia, Pacific Islands (Hawaii).


Huperzia haleakalae has been found in Hawaii in Haleakala Crater, on Maui, at 2300 meters, but it is extremely rare or possibly extinct there.

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Warren H. Wagner Jr. +  and Joseph M. Beitel +
(Brackenridge) Holub +
Lycopodium haleakalae +
Alpine fir-moss +
Alta. +, B.C. +, Yukon +, Alaska +, Colo. +, Mont. +, Wash. +, Wyo. +, Asia in Siberia +  and Pacific Islands (Hawaii). +
(160–)1300–1700(–3600) m +
Terrestrial in exposed, moist meadows and mossy heaths in alpine and subalpine zones +
Folia Geobot. Phytotax. +
Lycopodium selago var. haleakalae +  and Urostachys haleakalae +
Huperzia haleakalae +
Huperzia +
species +