Ericameria linearis

(Rydberg) R. P. Roberts & Urbatsch

Sida 21: 1560. 2005.

Common names: Wyoming goldenbush linear-leaved discoid gumweed
Basionym: Macronema lineare Rydberg Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 1: 384. 1900
Synonyms: Ericameria discoidea var. linearis (Rydberg) G. L. Nesom Haplopappus macronema subsp. linearis (Rydberg) H. M. Hall Haplopappus macronema var. linearis (Rydberg) Dorn
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 20. Treatment on page 61. Mentioned on page 52.

Plants 10–40 cm. Stems erect to spreading, green when young, becoming brown, branched proximally, densely floccose-tomentose, eglandular. Leaves ascending; blades linear (adaxially sulcate), 10–30 × 1–2 mm, midnerves evident, apices acute, faces mostly densely tomentose, stipitate-glandular; sometimes with axillary leaf fascicles. Heads borne singly or in cymiform arrays. Peduncles 2–20 mm (usually leafy). Involucres obconic, 9–11 × 6–9 mm. Phyllaries 20–30 in 2–3 series, green to tan, oblong to lanceolate, 5–10 × 0.8–1.5 mm, subequal, mostly chartaceous, outer herbaceous or herbaceous-tipped, midnerves usually evident, apices acute to acuminate, abaxial faces hairy, stipitate-glandular. Ray florets 0. Disc florets 10–22; corollas 9–11 mm. Cypselae brownish, narrowly oblong, 5–6 mm, densely hairy; pappi tan, 8–10 mm.

Phenology: Flowering late summer–fall.
Habitat: Dry, stony slopes
Elevation: ca. 2300 m


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Lowell E. Urbatsch +, Loran C. Anderson +, Roland P. Roberts +  and Kurt M. Neubig +
(Rydberg) R. P. Roberts & Urbatsch +
Macronema lineare +
Wyoming goldenbush +  and linear-leaved discoid gumweed +
Mont. +  and Wyo. +
ca. 2300 m +
Dry, stony slopes +
Flowering late summer–fall. +
Ericameria discoidea var. linearis +, Haplopappus macronema subsp. linearis +  and Haplopappus macronema var. linearis +
Ericameria linearis +
Ericameria +
species +