Ericameria laricifolia

(A. Gray) Shinners

Field & Lab. 18: 27. 1950.

Common names: Turpentine bush
Basionym: Haplopappus laricifolius A. Gray Smithsonian Contr. Knowl. 5(6): 80. 1853 (as Aplopappus)
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 20. Treatment on page 60. Mentioned on page 51, 54.

Plants 30–100 cm. Stems erect to ascending, green when young, fastigiately branched, glabrous, gland-dotted, resinous. Leaf blades ascending, sometimes spreading when older, filiform to narrowly oblanceolate (adaxially sulcate to concave), 10–20 × 1–2 mm, midnerves not evident, apices acute, sometimes apiculate, faces glabrous, regularly gland-dotted (in circular, deep pits), resinous; axillary leaf fascicles sometimes present, shorter than subtending leaves. Heads in irregular cymiform arrays (to 7 cm wide). Peduncles 3–15 mm (bracts 3–20+, mostly leaflike, distal scalelike). Involucres turbinate, 3–5 × 3–5 mm. Phyllaries 12–20 in 3–4 series, tan, linear to lanceolate, 1–3.5 × 0.5–1 mm, unequal, mostly chartaceous, sometimes herbaceous-tipped, erect, midnerves raised, somewhat expanded apically, subapical resin ducts usually present, (margins scarious to narrowly membranous, glabrous or ciliate) apices erect, acute, sometimes apiculate, abaxial faces glabrous. Ray florets 3–6; laminae 4–5 × 1–2 mm. Disc florets 6–16; corollas 5–6 mm. Cypselae tan to brown, turbinate to narrowly oblanceolate, 3.5–4 mm (ribs ca. 5), villous; pappi off-white to brown, 3.5–5 mm. 2n = 18.

Phenology: Flowering fall.
Habitat: Rocky, desert mountains on slopes, mesas, canyons, and rock walls
Elevation: 1000–2000 m



Ariz., Calif., Nev., N.Mex., Tex., Utah, Mexico (Chihuahua).


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Lowell E. Urbatsch +, Loran C. Anderson +, Roland P. Roberts +  and Kurt M. Neubig +
(A. Gray) Shinners +
Haplopappus laricifolius +
Turpentine bush +
Ariz. +, Calif. +, Nev. +, N.Mex. +, Tex. +, Utah +  and Mexico (Chihuahua). +
1000–2000 m +
Rocky, desert mountains on slopes, mesas, canyons, and rock walls +
Flowering fall. +
Field & Lab. +
Haplopappus sect. Asiris +, Haplopappus sect. Ericameria +, Haplopappus sect. Macronema +  and Haplopappus sect. Stenotopsis +
Ericameria laricifolia +
Ericameria +
species +