Ericameria cervina

(S. Watson) Rydberg

Fl. Rocky Mts., 1067. 1917.

Common names: Deer goldenbush goldenweed
Basionym: Haplopappus cervinus S. Watson Amer. Naturalist 7: 301. 1873
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 20. Treatment on page 56. Mentioned on page 52, 53.

Plants 10–30 cm. Stems ascending to spreading, green when young, becoming dark brown then gray, branched, twigs stipitate-glandular, resin coated. Leaves ascending; blades elliptic to obovate, 9–18 × 2.5–4 mm, midnerves prominent with 2 fainter, collateral nerves, (margins undulate) apices usually obtuse to rounded, sometimes acute, apiculate, faces stipitate-glandular, resinous; axillary leaf fascicles reduced or absent. Heads in cymiform arrays. Peduncles 1–15 mm (bracts 3–8, gradually reduced, leafy). Involucres obconic, 5–7 × 2.5–3.5 mm. Phyllaries 22–30 in 4–5 series, mostly tan, lanceolate to elliptic, 1.5–5 × 0.8–1.2 mm, strongly unequal, chartaceous (bodies abruptly constricted at bases of appendages), midnerves usually inconspicuous, (margins scarious, entire or minutely lacerate) apices acute to acuminate or cuspidate, abaxial faces glabrous, lightly resinous, sometimes gland-dotted. Ray florets 3–4; laminae elliptic, 1.9–2.5 × 0.6–1.3 mm. Disc florets 8–9; corollas 3.5–5.3 mm. Cypselae tan, subcylindric to narrowly oblanceoloid, 2.2–4 mm, sericeous; pappi whitish, 3–5 mm. 2n = 18.

Phenology: Flowering late summer–fall.
Habitat: Rock-crevices and talus, often on granitic outcrops and soils
Elevation: 1500–2400 m


Ericameria cervina is found in northwest Arizona, adjacent Nevada, and Utah.

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Lowell E. Urbatsch +, Loran C. Anderson +, Roland P. Roberts +  and Kurt M. Neubig +
(S. Watson) Rydberg +
Haplopappus cervinus +
Deer goldenbush +  and goldenweed +
Ariz. +, Nev. +  and Utah. +
1500–2400 m +
Rock-crevices and talus, often on granitic outcrops and soils +
Flowering late summer–fall. +
Fl. Rocky Mts., +
Haplopappus sect. Asiris +, Haplopappus sect. Ericameria +, Haplopappus sect. Macronema +  and Haplopappus sect. Stenotopsis +
Ericameria cervina +
Ericameria +
species +