Eremogone capillaris

(Poiret) Fenzl

Vers. Darstell. Alsin., 37. 1833.

Common names: Slender mountain sandwort
Basionym: Arenaria capillaris Poiret in J. Lamarck et al., Encycl. 6: 380. 1804
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 5. Treatment on page 60. Mentioned on page 57, 58, 62.

Plants cespitose to somewhat matted, green or often glaucous, with woody base. Stems erect to ascending, (3–)5–20(–25) cm, entirely glabrous or glabrous proximally, stipitate-glandular distally. Leaves: basal leaves abundant, persistent; cauline leaves in 1–3 pairs, abruptly reduced distal to lowest pair; basal blades erect, straight or often curved in one direction, filiform, (2–)4–8 cm × 0.5–1 mm, flexuous, herbaceous, apex acute or acuminate to weakly spinose, glabrous, sometimes stipitate-glandular, often glaucous. Inflorescences 1–12(–18)-flowered, open or rarely subcongested cymes. Pedicels (2–)5–20 mm, glabrous or stipitate-glandular. Flowers: sepals often purplish, 1–3-veined, ovate to ovate-lanceolate, 3–4.7 mm, to 5 mm in fruit, margins broad, apex broadly rounded to barely acute, glabrous or stipitate-glandular; petals white, spatulate, 6–10 mm, 1.5–2.5 times as long as sepals, apex broadly rounded; nectaries as depressed transverse cup at base of filaments opposite sepals, 0.3–0.7 × 0.1–0.3 mm. Capsules 5–8 mm, valves at least sparsely stipitate-glandular or glabrous. Seeds brown to black, ellipsoid to ovoid with hilar notch, (1.2–)1.5–2(–2.5) mm, tuberculate; tubercles rounded, elongate.


V5 117-distribution-map.gif

Alta., B.C., N.W.T., Yukon, Alaska, Idaho, Mont., Nev., Oreg., Wash., Asia (Siberia).


Varieties 2 (2 in the flora).

B. Maguire (1947, 1951) and subsequent workers separated these varieties of Eremogone capillaris by sepal length: (3–)3.5–4.5(–4.8) mm in var. americana and (3.6–)5–6(–6.6) mm in var. capillaris. Material available to us did not exhibit that distinction.

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1 Pedicels and sepals glabrous Eremogone capillaris var. capillaris
1 Pedicels and sepals stipitate-glandular Eremogone capillaris var. americana
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Arenaria capillaris +
Slender mountain sandwort +
Alta. +, B.C. +, N.W.T. +, Yukon +, Alaska +, Idaho +, Mont. +, Nev. +, Oreg. +, Wash. +  and Asia (Siberia). +
Vers. Darstell. Alsin., +
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