Delphinium parryi subsp. purpureum

(H. F. Lewis & Epling) M. J. Warnock

Phytologia 68: 2. 1990.

Common names: Mount Pinos larkspur
Conservation concernEndemic
Basionym: Delphinium parishii subsp. purpureum H. F. Lewis & Epling Brittonia 8: 15. 1954
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 3.

Roots usually more than 10 cm. Stems 30-90 cm. Leaves mostly on proximal 1/3 of stem; basal leaves usually present at anthesis; blade with ultimate lobes 3-20, width less than 4 mm. Inflorescences: bracteoles 3-6 mm. Flowers: sepals usually reflexed, lateral sepals 7-11 mm, spurs 10-13 mm; lower petal blades 3-5 mm. 2n = 16.

Phenology: Flowering late spring–early summer.
Habitat: Dry chaparral, sage scrub and lower montane woods
Elevation: 1000-1600(-2400) m


Of conservation concern.

Delphinium parryi subsp. purpureum may be imperiled by human encroachment.

This taxon may be confused with Delphinium parishii, but its abundant arched hairs and lack of wider-lobed basal leaves will distinguish D. parryi subsp. purpureum. It hybridizes with D. parishii subsp. pallidum.

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Michael J. Warnock +
(H. F. Lewis & Epling) M. J. Warnock +
Delphinium parishii subsp. purpureum +
Mount Pinos larkspur +
1000-1600(-2400) m +
Dry chaparral, sage scrub and lower montane woods +
Flowering late spring–early summer. +
Conservation concern +  and Endemic +
Delphinium parryi subsp. purpureum +
Delphinium parryi +
subspecies +