Cleoserrata serrata

(Jacquin) H. H. Iltis

Novon 17: 448. 2007.

Common names: Spiderflower
Basionym: Cleome serrata Jacquin Enum. Syst. Pl., 26. 1760
Synonyms: Cleome polygama Linnaeus
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 7. Treatment on page 218.

Plants [perennial], 15–50 cm. Stems unbranched or slightly branched; glabrous. Leaves: petiole 2–5 cm; leaflets 3, blade lanceolate to ovate-elliptic, 5–12 × 0.4–1.4 cm, margins serrulate, apex acute to long-acuminate, surfaces glabrous. Racemes 6–25 cm; bracts unifoliate, subulate, to 1 mm. Pedicels 4–8 mm. Flowers: sepals deciduous, green, subulate, 2–2.5 × 0.4–0.5 mm, glabrous; petals white or whitish, with pinkish or red distally, obovate, 5–6 × 1.8–2 mm, shortly clawed; stamens yellow, 2–5 mm; anthers 2–3 mm; gynophore 1(–2) mm in fruit; ovary 2.5–4 mm; style 0.2–0.3 mm. Capsules 30–50 × 2.5–3 mm. Seeds pale green to brown, 1.4–1.5 mm, inconspicuously ridged. 2n = 24.

Phenology: Flowering summer.
Habitat: Disturbed areas
Elevation: ca. 100 m


V7 304-distribution-map.gif

Introduced; Ga., Mexico, West Indies, Central America, South America.


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