Clarkia purpurea

(Curtis) A. Nelson & J. F. Macbride

Bot. Gaz. 65: 64. 1918.

Common names: Purple or winecup clarkia
Basionym: Oenothera purpurea Curtis Bot. Mag. 10: plate 352. 1796
Synonyms: Godetia purpurea (Curtis) G. Don
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 10.

Stems erect or rarely decum­bent, to 100 cm, glabrous and sometimes glaucous or sparsely to densely puberulent, some­times mixed with longer, spreading hairs. Leaves: petiole 0–2 mm; blade linear or narrowly lanceolate to elliptic or ovate, 1.5–7 cm. Inflorescences open or dense racemes, axis straight; buds erect. Flowers: floral tube 2–10 mm; sepals reflexed individually or in pairs; corolla bowl-shaped, petals lavender to purple, purplish red, or dark wine-red, often with red or purple spot near middle, tip, or base, 9–25 mm; stamens 8, subequal; ovary 8-grooved, length less than 8 times width; stigma as long as or exserted beyond anthers. Capsules 10–30 mm, beak 0–2 mm. Seeds brown or gray, 1–2 mm, scaly, crest 0.2 mm.


w North America, nw Mexico.


Subspecies 3 (3 in the flora).

Clarkia purpurea consists of a diverse assemblage of hexaploid populations and is almost certainly derived from multiple origins followed by hybridization and, perhaps, backcrossing to parental species. Three morphological forms are recognized as subspecies; intergrades are frequent.

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1 Leaf blades broadly lanceolate to elliptic or ovate; inflorescences dense racemes. Clarkia purpurea subsp. purpurea
1 Leaf blades linear to lanceolate or narrowly lanceolate; inflorescences usually open racemes. > 2
2 Petals 15–25 mm; stigmas exserted beyond anthers. Clarkia purpurea subsp. viminea
2 Petals 9–14 mm; stigmas not exserted beyond anthers. Clarkia purpurea subsp. quadrivulnera
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(Curtis) A. Nelson & J. F. Macbride +
Oenothera purpurea +
Purple or winecup clarkia +
w North America +  and nw Mexico. +
Godetia purpurea +
Clarkia purpurea +
Clarkia sect. Godetia +
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