Chrysothamnus scopulorum

(M. E. Jones) Urbatsch, R. P. Roberts & Neubig

Sida 21: 1626. 2005.

Common names: Grand Canyon glowweed or evening-daisy
Basionym: Bigelowia menziesii var. scopulorum M. E. Jones Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci., ser. 2, 5: 692. 1895 (as Bigelovia)
Synonyms: Haplopappus scopulorum (M. E. Jones) S. F. Blake Haplopappus scopulorum var. hirtellus S. F. Blake Hesperodoria scopulorum
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 20. Treatment on page 190. Mentioned on page 188.

Shrubs, 30–100 cm; with woody, ± wandlike, branched caudices, bark tan to gray, fairly smooth, flaky with age. Stems ascending, green, becoming tan, glabrous or puberulent. Leaves ascending to spreading; sessile; blades usually 5-nerved, linear to narrowly elliptic or lanceolate, 7–80 × 1–12 mm, flat, margins often ciliolate, apices attenuate to spinulose, faces glabrous or scabrellous. Heads in usually cymiform to corymbiform, rarely racemiform arrays, not overtopped by distal leaves. Involucres obconic to subcylindric, 6.5–12 × 3–5 mm. Phyllaries 50–60+ in 5–6(–7) series, ± in spirals, tan, midnerves greenish to brown, raised, ± expanded apically, oblong to elliptic, 1–8.5 × 1–2 mm, unequal, mostly chartaceous, apices acute to rounded, erect, ± thickened, faces glabrous, not resinous. Disc florets 10–16(–20); corollas 5.5–8 mm, lobes 1.5–2.3 mm; style branches 2.8–3.7 mm, appendages 1.4–1.9 mm. Cypselae reddish brown, cylindric, 4–6 mm, ± 4-angled, faces hairy; pappi tan, 6–7.5 mm. 2n = 18 (as Haplopappus scopulorum).

Phenology: Flowering late summer–fall.
Habitat: Brushy mountain slopes, ponderosa pine communities
Elevation: 1200–2200 m


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Lowell E. Urbatsch +, Roland P. Roberts +  and Kurt M. Neubig +
(M. E. Jones) Urbatsch, R. P. Roberts & Neubig +
Bigelowia menziesii var. scopulorum +
Grand Canyon glowweed or evening-daisy +
Ariz. +  and Utah. +
1200–2200 m +
Brushy mountain slopes, ponderosa pine communities +
Flowering late summer–fall. +
Haplopappus scopulorum +, Haplopappus scopulorum var. hirtellus +  and Hesperodoria scopulorum +
Chrysothamnus scopulorum +
Chrysothamnus +
species +