Chrysolepis chrysophylla

(Douglas ex Hooker) Hjelmquist

Bot. Not., Suppl. 2(1): 117. 1948.

Common names: Giant golden chinkapin
Basionym: Castanea chrysophylla Douglas ex Hooker Fl. Bor.-Amer. 2: 159. 1838
Synonyms: Castanopsis chrysophylla (Douglas ex Hooker) A. de Candolle
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 3.

Trees or erect shrubs, to 45 m. Bark thick, rough. Twigs densely covered with tight, yellowish, peltate trichomes. Leaves: petiole 5-8 mm. Leaf blade flat or folded upward along midvein, margins entire, apex acute or acuminate, surfaces abaxially usually golden or brownish with dense glandular trichomes. Fruits: cupule yellowish, 20-60 mm thick, densely spiny, surface obscured; nut light brown, (6-)8-12(-15) mm, glabrous, completely enclosed by cupule until maturity.


Calif., Oreg., Wash., only in the flora.


Varieties 2: only in the flora.

The two varieties intergrade considerably where they are in contact.

Varieties 2

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1 Leaf apex acute or acuminate; trees or erect shrubs, bark thick, rough. Chrysolepis chrysophylla
1 Leaf apex obtuse, occasionally somewhat acute; low rhizomatous shrubs, bark thin, smooth. Chrysolepis sempervirens