Cerastium alpinum subsp. lanatum

(Lamarck) Cesati

in C. Cattaneo, Not. Nat. Civ. Lombardia, 290. 1844.

Common names: Céraiste laineux
Basionym: Cerastium lanatum Lamarck in J. Lamarck et al., Encycl. 1: 680. 1785
Synonyms: Cerastium alpinum var. lanatum (Lamarck) Hegetschweiler Cerastium alpinum subsp. squalidum (Raymond) Hultén Cerastium squalidum
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 5. Treatment on page 78.

Plants perennial, tufted or mat-forming, taprooted or rhizomatous. Flowering shoots erect or decumbent, 6–10 cm. Leaves: flowering shoots with blade lance-elliptic to ovate or obovate, broad, apex obtuse, with tuft of silvery, ± tangled, long, woolly hairs, pubescent; those at base and on sterile shoots often marcescent, blade obovate, apex obtuse, densely pubescent. Inflorescences usually 1-flowered, sometimes with simple cyme. Pedicels straight, usually short, 5–20 mm. Petals 2 times as long as sepals. 2n = 72, 104 ± 2, 108.

Phenology: Flowering spring.
Habitat: Northern arctic tundra
Elevation: 0-400 m


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Greenland, Nfld. and Labr., N.W.T., Nunavut, Ont., Que., Europe (Iceland, Russia, Scandinavia, mountains).


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John K. Morton +
(Lamarck) Cesati +
Cerastium lanatum +
Céraiste laineux +
Greenland +, Nfld. and Labr. +, N.W.T. +, Nunavut +, Ont. +, Que. +, Europe (Iceland +, Russia +, Scandinavia +  and mountains). +
0-400 m +
Northern arctic tundra +
Flowering spring. +
in C. Cattaneo, Not. Nat. Civ. Lombardia, +
Cerastium alpinum var. lanatum +, Cerastium alpinum subsp. squalidum +  and Cerastium squalidum +
Cerastium alpinum subsp. lanatum +
Cerastium alpinum +
subspecies +