Castilleja affinis var. neglecta

(Zeile) J. M. Egger

Phytologia 90: 66. 2008.

Common names: Tiburon paintbrush
IllustratedEndemicConservation concern
Basionym: Castilleja neglecta Zeile in W. L. Jepson, Man. Fl. Pl. Calif., 936. 1925
Synonyms: C. affinis subsp. neglecta (Zeile) T. I. Chuang & Heckard
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 17. Treatment on page 584. Mentioned on page 582, 583.

Stems: hairs dense, sometimes sparse, unbranched, rarely branched. Leaves not fleshy. Inflorescences 1.5–2.5 cm wide; bracts proximally pale yellow or yellow-green, distally yellow, rarely pink or pale red-orange, often becoming reddish tinted after anthesis, 3-lobed. Calyces green proximally, yellow in outer 1/2, after anthesis often whitish or reddish distally, 14–20 mm. Corollas 17–25 mm; beak subequal to or slightly exserted from calyx, 7–11 mm.

Phenology: Flowering Mar–Jul.
Habitat: Serpentine meadows and slopes.
Elevation: 0–300 m.


Variety neglecta is endemic to Marin, Napa, and Santa Clara counties. Its habitat is threatened by urbanization and recreational uses. Within its limited range, it is the only representative of Castilleja affinis on serpentine substrates and is recognized by its relatively narrow, yellow inflorescences.

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J. Mark Egger +, Peter F. Zika +, Barbara L. Wilson +, Richard E. Brainerd +  and Nick Otting +
(Zeile) J. M. Egger +
Castilleja neglecta +
Tiburon paintbrush +
0–300 m. +
Serpentine meadows and slopes. +
Flowering Mar–Jul. +
Illustrated +, Endemic +  and Conservation concern +
C. affinis subsp. neglecta +
Castilleja affinis var. neglecta +
Castilleja affinis +
variety +