Sp. Pl. 2: 828. 1753.


Gen. Pl. ed. 5, 360. 1754.

Common names: Carline-thistle
Etymology: For Charles V, 1500–1558, Holy Roman Emperor
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 19. Treatment on page 84. Mentioned on page 28, 83.

Biennials [annuals or perennials, shrubs, or dwarf trees], 10–80 cm, herbage spiny. Stems erect or spreading, simple to branched distally or throughout, branches ascending to spreading. Leaves basal and cauline [all cauline]; petiolate or sessile; blade margins dentate to pinnately lobed, ± spiny, faces ± tomentose or glabrate. Heads discoid, borne singly or in corymbiform arrays. Involucres hemispheric to campanulate. Phyllaries many in several series, outer ovate to lanceolate, bases appressed; (at least outer ± leaflike); middle smaller, scarious, margins spiny-dentate or -lobed, apical appendages spine-tipped, inner apices spreading, membranous, white to stramineous, raylike, entire. Receptacles flat to conic, epaleaete scaly or bristly (each floret surrounded by ± connate, membranous scales dissected into linear lobes). Florets many; corollas yellow to maroon, tubular-funnelform, lobes triangular; anther bases tailed, linear-oblong, apical appendages acute; style branches: fused portions ca. 0.5 mm, with basal nodes glabrous or minutely hairy, distally puberulent, distinct portions tapered, not or scarcely separating. Cypselae cylindric to fusiform, not ribbed, without apical rim, hairy with forked, 2-celled hairs, attachment scars basal-oblique; pappi readily falling, of many persistent bristles in 1 series, basally connate in groups of 3–10, plumose. x = 9, 10.


Introduced; Eurasia, Mediterranean region, Macaronesia.


Species 28 (1 in the flora).

Lower Taxa

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David J. Keil +
Linnaeus +
Asteraceae tribe Cynareae +
Carline-thistle +
Eurasia +, Mediterranean region +  and Macaronesia. +
For Charles V, 1500–1558, Holy Roman Emperor +
Sp. Pl. +  and Gen. Pl. ed. +
1753 +  and 1754 +
meusel1990a +, meusel1994a +  and meusel1996a +
Compositae +
Carlina +
Asteraceae tribe Cardueae +