Calochortus striatus


Bull. S. Calif. Acad. Sci. 1: 122. 1902.

Common names: Alkali mariposa-lily
IllustratedEndemicConservation concern
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Treatment on page 133. Mentioned on page 121, 132.

Plants not bulbose. Stems 1–5 cm. Leaves: basal withering, 1–2 dm; blade linear. Inflorescences subumbellate, 1–5-flowered; bracts linear, 1–3 cm. Flowers erect; perianth open, campanulate, narrow at base; sepals lanceolate, 1–2 cm, apex acuminate; petals white to lavender, with conspicuous purple striping, obovate to cuneate, rounded, 2–3 cm, sparsely hairy around gland, margins irregularly dentate distally; glands oblong, not depressed, covered with linear hairs; filaments 5–7 mm; anthers oblong, 4–6 mm. Capsules erect, linear, angled, 4–5 cm. Seeds light-colored, flat.

Phenology: Flowering mid spring–early summer.
Habitat: Alkaline meadows, springy places in creosote bush scrub
Elevation: 300–1400 m


Of conservation concern.

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P. L. Fiedler +  and R. K. Zebell +
Parish +
Alkali mariposa-lily +
Calif. +  and Nev. +
300–1400 m +
Alkaline meadows, springy places in creosote bush scrub +
Flowering mid spring–early summer. +
Bull. S. Calif. Acad. Sci. +
Illustrated +, Endemic +  and Conservation concern +
Calochortus striatus +
Calochortus +
species +