Bidens heterodoxa

(Fernald) Fernald & H. St. John

Rhodora 17: 23. 1915.

Common names: Bident différent
Basionym: Bidens tripartita var. heterodoxa Fernald Rhodora 15: 76. 1913
Synonyms: Bidens heterodoxa var. agnostica Fernald Bidens heterodoxa var. monardifolia Fernald Bidens heterodoxa var. orthodoxa Fernald & H. St. John Bidens infirma
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 218. Mentioned on page 208, 217.

Annuals, (5–)25–35(–55+) cm. Leaves: petioles (narrowly, if at all, winged) 5–20(–35+) mm; blades lanceolate to lance-linear, (20–)30–50(–80+) × (3–)6–20(–30+) mm, sometimes laciniately 1-pinnatisect with 2–4+ lobes near bases, bases cuneate, margins incised to serrate, seldom ciliate, apices acute to attenuate, faces glabrous. Heads borne singly or in 2s or 3s. Peduncles 10–35(–55) mm. Calyculi of (2–)3–5(–7) ± erect, oblanceolate or spatulate to linear, ± foliaceous bractlets or bracts (6–)10–25(–40+) mm, margins rarely ciliate, abaxial faces usually glabrous, sometimes sparsely hispidulous. Involucres usually obconic to broadly campanulate, rarely hemispheric, (4–)6–7 × (4–)5–7 mm. Phyllaries (4–)5–8,oblong to lance-ovate, (4–)5–8+ mm. Ray florets usually 0, sometimes 1–3+; laminae orange yellowish, 2–5(–10) mm. Disc florets (7–)20–70+; corollas yellowish, 2.5–3.5 mm. Cypselae: outer red-brown, ± flattened, sometimes 3–4-angled, broadly cuneate, 4–5(–6) mm, inner blackish, narrowly cuneate, (5–)6–7(–8+) mm, margins glabrous or sparsely antrorsely strigillose,apices ± truncate to convex, faces ± 1-nerved, glabrous or sparsely setulose, usually smooth, sometimes ± tuberculate; pappi 0, or of 2(–4) spreading to divergent, antrorsely or retrorsely barbed awns (0.1–)1–3.5+ mm. 2n = 48.

Phenology: Flowering Aug–Oct.
Habitat: Borders of estuaries, lakes, marshes, streams
Elevation: 0–10 m


Bidens heterodoxa may be better treated as part of B. tripartita.

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John L. Strother +  and Ronald R. Weedon +
(Fernald) Fernald & H. St. John +
Bidens tripartita var. heterodoxa +
Bident différent +
N.B. +, P.E.I. +, Que. +  and Conn. +
0–10 m +
Borders of estuaries, lakes, marshes, streams +
Flowering Aug–Oct. +
Bidens heterodoxa var. agnostica +, Bidens heterodoxa var. monardifolia +, Bidens heterodoxa var. orthodoxa +  and Bidens infirma +
Bidens heterodoxa +
species +