Barbula convoluta var. gallinula

R. H. Zander

Phytologia 44: 195, figs. 15–19. 1979,.

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 27. Treatment on page 532. Mentioned on page 530, 531.

Specialized asexual reproduction as very large, oval gemmae in axils of distal leaves. Sporophytes absent in range of flora.

Habitat: Rock, usually limestone, or soil or humus
Elevation: low to moderate elevations (50-400 m)


The massive, dark gemmae of var. gallinula, occuring usually one per leaf axil, are easily visible under the dissecting microscope and rival the leaves in size. Although the leaf apices of var. gallinula are ovate and somewhat cucullate, lacking an apiculus, certain undoubted var. convoluta specimens match them; thus the axillary gemmae are needed for sure identification. This taxon is apparently fairly abundant at Virginia Falls on the South Nahanni River, Northwest Territories.

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