Arnica dealbata

(A. Gray) B. G. Baldwin

Novon 9: 460. 1999.

Common names: Mock leopardbane
Basionym: Whitneya dealbata A. Gray Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 6: 550. 1865
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 375. Mentioned on page 364, 366, 367.

Plants 15–35 cm. Stems mostly simple. Leaves 3–8 pairs, mostly crowded toward bases; petiolate (at least proximal); blades elliptic to oblanceolate or obovate, 5–10 × 0.5–3.5 cm, margins entire, apices acute, faces densely hairy (hairs relatively short, curly) and sessile-glandular (distal leaves sessile, much reduced). Heads 1–6. Involucres campanulate to hemispheric. Phyllaries 5–12 (in 1 series), oblong or elliptic. Ray florets 5–12; corollas yellow. Disc florets (functionally staminate): corollas yellow; anthers yellow (styles rarely exserted). Cypselae brown to black, 4–10 mm, sparsely to densely hirsute (hairs usually simple, rarely duplex) and sparsely stipitate-glandular; pappi 0. 2n = 38, 76.

Phenology: Flowering Jun–Aug.
Habitat: Open forests, meadows, slopes
Elevation: 1200–2400 m


Although Arnica dealbata lacks pappi, morphologic, cytologic, and molecular data (B. G. Baldwin and B. L. Wessa 2000; Baldwin et al. 2002) clearly support its inclusion in Arnica.

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