Anagallis pumila


Prodr. 1: 40. 1788 ,.

Common names: Florida pimpernel
Synonyms: Centunculus pumilus (Swartz) Kuntze Micropyxis pumila (Swartz) Duby
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 8. Treatment on page 307. Mentioned on page 306.

Plants annual. Stems mostly erect, 1–3(–5) dm. Leaves alternate or opposite; blade elliptic to narrowly lanceolate, 4.5–8 × 1–3.5 mm. Pedicels erect in fruit, 2.5–4 mm, mostly equaling or shorter than subtending leaf. Flowers: sepals (4–)5, calyx divided nearly to base, 2–2.5 mm, equaling or longer than corolla, margins entire, narrowly or not scarious, apex acuminate; petals 5, corolla white, salverform (almost rotate), 1.5–2.3 mm. Capsules 1–1.5 mm. Seeds 5–12.

Phenology: Flowering spring–early winter.
Habitat: Ditch banks, other open sites
Elevation: 0-20 m


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Fla., Mexico, West Indies (Jamaica), Central America, South America (Colombia, Ecuador).


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Anita F. Cholewa +
Swartz +
Florida pimpernel +
Fla. +, Mexico +, West Indies (Jamaica) +, Central America +, South America (Colombia +  and Ecuador). +
0-20 m +
Ditch banks, other open sites +
Flowering spring–early winter. +
Centunculus pumilus +  and Micropyxis pumila +
Anagallis pumila +
Anagallis +
species +