Alophia drummondii

(Graham) R. C. Foster

Contr. Gray Herb. 155: 34. 1945.

Common names: Propeller flower
Basionym: Cypella drummondii Graham Edinburgh New Philos. J. 20: 190. 1836
Synonyms: Calydorea punctata (Herbert) Baker Eustylis punctata (Herbert) Ravenna Eustylis purpurea (Herbert) Engelmann & A. Gray Gelasine punctata Herbert Herbertia drummondii (Graham) Small Nemastylis punctata (Herbert) Hemsley Nemastylis purpurea Herbert Tigridia buccifera S. Watson Tigridia purpurea (Herbert) Shinners
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Treatment on page 398. Mentioned on page 396.

Plants 15–45 cm. Bulbs (5–)8–15 mm diam.; tunic dark brown. Stems simple or 2-branched. Leaves 3–6, basal leaves 2–3; blade narrowly lanceolate, ± equaling or slightly exceeding flowers; distalmost cauline blade reduced, often ± bractlike. Rhipidia 2–4-flowered; outer spathe 24–30 mm, inner spathe (30–)35–42 mm. Tepals dark purple; outer broadly ovate, 20–25 × 17–19 mm; inner marked with yellow shortly distal to claw, lanceolate, 16–20 × 10–12 mm; claw spreading, forming shallow cup, dull cream basally, speckled with reddish brown to black, broad; filaments ca. 2 mm wide basally; anthers 6–8 mm; ovary ovoid, 4–5 mm; style branching opposite middle of anthers; pedicel curved at base of ovary. Capsules 15–30 mm. Seeds ovoid, ca. 2.5 × 2 mm. 2n = 28.

Phenology: Flowering mostly May–Jul(–Sep).
Habitat: Open woodlands, grassy pastures, often sandy soils


V26 816-distribution-map.jpg

Ark., La., Okla., Tex., Mexico, South America (Guyana).


The name Alophia drummondii has been misapplied to Herbertia lahue by several authors. The two genera have frequently been confused with one another nomenclaturally (P. Goldblatt 1975). They are quite different in both vegetative and floral details.

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Peter Goldblatt +
(Graham) R. C. Foster +
Cypella drummondii +
Propeller flower +
Ark. +, La. +, Okla. +, Tex. +, Mexico +  and South America (Guyana). +
Open woodlands, grassy pastures, often sandy soils +
Flowering mostly May–Jul(–Sep). +
Contr. Gray Herb. +
Illustrated +
Calydorea punctata +, Eustylis punctata +, Eustylis purpurea +, Gelasine punctata +, Herbertia drummondii +, Nemastylis punctata +, Nemastylis purpurea +, Tigridia buccifera +  and Tigridia purpurea +
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