Alchemilla glabra


Ench. Bot., 67. 1821.

Common names: Smooth lady's mantle alchémille glabre
Synonyms: Alchemilla alpestris (F. W. Schmidt) Opiz A. vulgaris var. alpestris F. W. Schmidt A. vulgaris var. grandis Blytt
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 9. Treatment on page 305. Mentioned on page 304.

Plants medium-sized to occasionally very large, yellowish grass green to dark green, often reddish brown on exposed parts of stems and petioles. Stems glabrous or appressed-hairy proximally, glabrous distally. Leaves: stipules translucent, usually suffused with red proximally, translucent to pale green distally, lobes pale green; petiole glabrous or sparsely to densely appressed-hairy; blade reniform-orbiculate, 7–9(–11)-lobed, margins flat or slightly undulate, basal sinuses narrow or wide, middle lobes as long as to longer than their half-widths, rounded to triangular-ovate; incisions absent; teeth ± connivent, slightly concave near apex, strongly asymmetric, apex subacute or obtuse, abaxial surface with nerves hairy throughout or in distal 1/2 only, internerve regions glabrous, adaxial glabrous or slightly hairy near margins, rarely (late-season leaves) hairy on folds. Inflorescences: primary branches glabrous. Pedicels glabrous. Flowers: epicalyx bractlet lengths 0.5 times sepals (narrower); hypanthium glabrous. Achenes exserted from discs.

Phenology: Flowering Jul–Aug.
Habitat: Meadows
Elevation: 0–100 m


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Introduced; N.B., Nfld. and Labr. (Nfld.), Que., Alaska, Europe.


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John McNeill +, Martin Dubé +  and Peter Frost-Olsen +
Neygenfind +
Smooth lady's mantle +  and alchémille glabre +
N.B. +, Nfld. and Labr. (Nfld.) +, Que. +, Alaska +  and Europe. +
0–100 m +
Meadows +
Flowering Jul–Aug. +
Ench. Bot., +
Introduced +
Alchemilla alpestris +, A. vulgaris var. alpestris +  and A. vulgaris var. grandis +
Alchemilla glabra +
Alchemilla +
species +