Sphaeralcea leptophylla

(A. Gray) Rydberg

Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 40: 59. 1913.

Basionym: Malvastrum leptophyllum A. Gray Smithsonian Contr. Knowl. 3(5): 17. 1852
Synonyms: Malveopsis leptophylla (A. Gray) Kuntze Sphaeralcea janeae (S. L. Welsh) S. L. Welsh S. leptophylla var. janeae S. L. Welsh
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 6. Treatment on page 366. Mentioned on page 357.

Plants perennial. Stems ascending, white to silvery, 1–4(–6) dm, silvery stellate-lepidote. Leaf blades white to silvery, linear to triangular, mostly unlobed, proximalmost blades 3-parted, rarely with nonfiliform lobes, 1–3.5 cm, not rugose, base truncate to cuneate, margins entire, surfaces silvery stellate-lepidote. Inflorescences racemose, lax, open, 3–12-flowered, tip not leafy; involucellar bractlets silvery-lepidote. Flowers: sepals 4.5–5.5(–7) mm; petals red-orange, 8–15 mm; anthers yellow. Schizocarps flattened-spheric to conic; mericarps 7–9, 2.5–3.5 × 2–3 mm, thick-coriaceous, nonreticulate dehiscent part 20–40% of height, tip muticous-mucronulate, indehiscent part usually wider than dehiscent part, sides coarsely reticulate. Seeds 1 per mericarp, brown, usually glabrous. 2n = 20.

Phenology: Flowering spring–summer.
Habitat: Dry rocky areas
Elevation: 1500–1800 m


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Ariz., Colo., Nev., N.Mex., Tex., Utah, Mexico (Chihuahua, Sonora).


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John La Duke +
(A. Gray) Rydberg +
Malvastrum leptophyllum +
Ariz. +, Colo. +, Nev. +, N.Mex. +, Tex. +, Utah +, Mexico (Chihuahua +  and Sonora). +
1500–1800 m +
Dry rocky areas +
Flowering spring–summer. +
Bull. Torrey Bot. Club +
Malveopsis leptophylla +, Sphaeralcea janeae +  and S. leptophylla var. janeae +
Sphaeralcea leptophylla +
Sphaeralcea +
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