Salix sect. Cinerella


Exempl. Rév. Salix, 2. 1824.

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 7. Treatment on page 126. Mentioned on page 94, 97.

Shrubs or trees, 0.3–20 m. Buds caprea-type. Leaves: stipules on late ones absent, minute rudiments, or foliaceous; largest medial blade 1.5–9 times as long as wide, adaxial surface not glaucous. Staminate flowers: filaments glabrous or hairy. Pistillate flowers: adaxial nectary shorter or longer than stipe; stipe 0.5–2.7 mm; ovary glabrous or sparsely to very densely hairy; stigmas slenderly to broadly cylindrical, 0.2–1 mm.


North America, Eurasia, Africa.


Species 37 (8 in the flora).

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