Polish Bot. J. 56: 119. 2011.

Etymology: Invalid genus name Roellia and Greek bryon, moss, to coin a valid name for the genus
Basionym: Roellia Kindberg Gen. Eur. N.-Amer. Bryin., 37. 1897,
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 28. Treatment on page 187. Mentioned on page 118, 176, 186, 659.

Plants large, scattered individuals or open turfs, usually pale green. Leaves shrunken to imbricate or somewhat contorted when dry, erect-spreading when moist; laminal cells 2–4:1. Seta yellowish, becoming red-brown with age, long, straight. Capsule brown; exothecial cells near mouth quadrate or short-rectangular, walls thick, often reddish, in 4 or 5 rows; proximal cells longer, long-rectangular, walls somewhat sinuate. Spores 10–18 µm, smooth to finely papillose, pale yellow-brown.


w North America.


Species 1.

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