Platanthera macrophylla

(Goldie) P. M. Brown

Wild Fl. Notes 3: 23. 1988.

Basionym: Habenaria macrophylla Goldie Edinburgh Philos. J. 6: 331. 1822
Synonyms: Platanthera orbiculata var. macrophylla (Goldie) Luer
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Mentioned on page 555.

Plants 23–63 cm. Leaves 2, in subequal basal pair lying on ground; bracts (very rarely, 0–)1–6, scattered along stem; blade broadly elliptic, orbiculate, or oblate, 7–24 × 5–19 cm. Spikes lax. Flowers resupinate, rather showy; calyx mostly greenish white; corolla mostly white; lateral sepals reflexed to somewhat spreading; petals lanceolate-falcate, margins entire; lip descending to somewhat reflexed, linear-oblong to linear-lanceolate, without basal thickening, 10–23 × 1–2.5 mm, margins entire; spur slenderly clavate, 28–46 mm; rostellum lobes directed strongly forward, wide-spreading, angular; pollinaria nearly straight, (4.6–)4.7–6.8 mm; pollinia remaining enclosed in anther sacs; viscidia orbiculate; ovary slender to rather stout, mostly 16–29 mm.

Phenology: Flowering Jun–Aug.
Habitat: Mesic to wet coniferous and deciduous forest
Elevation: mostly 0–1000 m


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N.B., Nfld. and Labr., N.S., Ont., P.E.I., Que., Conn., Maine, Mass., Mich., Minn., N.H., N.Y., Pa., Vt.


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Charles J. Sheviak +
(Goldie) P. M. Brown +
Habenaria macrophylla +
N.B. +, Nfld. and Labr. +, N.S. +, Ont. +, P.E.I. +, Que. +, Conn. +, Maine +, Mass. +, Mich. +, Minn. +, N.H. +, N.Y. +, Pa. +  and Vt. +
mostly 0–1000 m +
Mesic to wet coniferous and deciduous forest +
Flowering Jun–Aug. +
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Platanthera orbiculata var. macrophylla +
Platanthera macrophylla +
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