Pityopsis graminifolia var. latifolia

(Fernald) Semple & F. D. Bowers

Rev. Pityopsis, 28. 1985.

Basionym: Chrysopsis graminifolia var. latifolia Fernald Bot. Gaz. 24: 434. 1897
Synonyms: Chrysopsis argentea (Persoon) Elliott Chrysopsis correllii Fernald Chrysopsis latifolia (Fernald) Small Chrysopsis nervosa (Willdenow) Fernald Chrysopsis nervosa var. stenolepis Fernald Chrysopsis nervosa var. virgata Fernald Diplopappus sericeus (Fernald) H. E. Ahles Erigeron nervosus (Willdenow) Shinners Heterotheca correllii Schultz-Bipontinus Heterotheca nervosa Persoon Heyfeldera sericea (Persoon) Nuttall Inula argentea (Willdenow) Dress Pityopsis argentea Pityopsis nervosa
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 20. Treatment on page 227. Mentioned on page 226, 228.

Cauline leaves 30–90 × 2–6 mm, reduced distally. Involucres 8–12 mm. Phyllary faces sparsely to moderately sericeous, sometimes sparsely stipitate-glandular distally. Ray florets 10–16; laminae 7–15. Disc florets 30–40; corollas 6.5–8.5 mm, lobes 0.6–0.8 mm, throats and lobes glabrous or proximal throats sparsely short-pilose. 2n = 36.

Phenology: Flowering late summer–fall (to Dec; rarely spring, Fla).
Habitat: Sandy soils, margins of pine woods and scrub, roadsides
Elevation: 0–600 m



Ala., Ark., Del., Fla., Ga., Ky., La., Md., Miss., N.C., Ohio, S.C., Tenn., Tex., Va., Mexico, West Indies (Bahamas), Central America (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras).


Variety latifolia is the most variable variety, particularly in leaf size, and involucre and stem heights.

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John C. Semple +
(Fernald) Semple & F. D. Bowers +
Chrysopsis graminifolia var. latifolia +
Ala. +, Ark. +, Del. +, Fla. +, Ga. +, Ky. +, La. +, Md. +, Miss. +, N.C. +, Ohio +, S.C. +, Tenn. +, Tex. +, Va. +, Mexico +, West Indies (Bahamas) +, Central America (Belize +, Guatemala +  and Honduras). +
0–600 m +
Sandy soils, margins of pine woods and scrub, roadsides +
Flowering late summer–fall (to Dec +  and rarely spring, Fla). +
Rev. Pityopsis, +
Illustrated +
Chrysopsis argentea +, Chrysopsis correllii +, Chrysopsis latifolia +, Chrysopsis nervosa +, Chrysopsis nervosa var. stenolepis +, Chrysopsis nervosa var. virgata +, Diplopappus sericeus +, Erigeron nervosus +, Heterotheca correllii +, Heterotheca nervosa +, Heyfeldera sericea +, Inula argentea +, Pityopsis argentea +  and Pityopsis nervosa +
Pityopsis graminifolia var. latifolia +
Pityopsis graminifolia +
variety +