Osteospermum spinescens


Prodr. Pl. Cap., 166. 1800.

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 19. Treatment on page 383.

Shrubs, 10–30+ cm (stems becoming thorns). Leaf blades cuneate to clavate, 3–12(–20+) × 1–4+ mm, margins entire or distally toothed [lobed], faces ± arachnose, glabrescent, often ± stipitate-glandular distally. Peduncles 5–15+ mm. Phyllaries 5–8(–12+), 4–8 mm (margins and tips often stipitate-glandular). Ray florets 5–8(–13+); corollas yellow to orange, laminae 4–8(–15+) mm. Disc florets 12–20+; corollas yellow to orange, 3–4 mm. Cypselae 8–10 mm (usually 3-winged). 2n = 20.

Phenology: Flowering Mar.
Habitat: Disturbed places
Elevation: 1800 m



Introduced; N.Mex., Africa.


As of 2003, Osteospermum spinescens is known in the flora from a single plant that has persisted near Silver City for at least five years.

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