Schlechtendal & Chamisso

Linnaea 5: 92. 1830.

Etymology: For Lorenz Oken, 1779–1851, German naturalist
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 4. Treatment on page 39. Mentioned on page 16.

Herbs, annual, viscid-pubescent, from long, narrow taproots. Stems trailing, unarmed, without glutinous bands on internodes. Leaves petiolate, of unequal size in each pair; blade thin to somewhat fleshy, base ± asymmetric. Inflorescences in axils of smaller leaf of pair, 1-flowered, peduncles short in flower, peduncles greatly elongating, pushing into ground in fruit; bracts deciduous, 3 at base of flower, distinct, lanceolate, thin, translucent. Flowers bisexual, chasmogamous; perianth radially symmetric, funnelform but strongly oblique, constricted beyond ovary, gradually flared to 5-lobed limb; stamens 5–18, included or slightly exserted; styles slightly exserted; stigmas peltate. Fruit geocarpous, ± oblong, unribbed, corky, glabrate, smooth or rugose.


s North America.


Species 1 or 2 (1 in the flora).

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